Curlybrackets started off as a reference project for the .NET Design Pattern Framework (see www.dofactory.com). The goal was to demonstrate how our SPARK platform enables .NET developers to quickly build high-performance sites like Stackoverflow using its light-weight software architecture and code generator.

As we moved along, we figured we might just as well deploy the code and create a Q&A site specifically for .NET Developers and Architects. And so Curlybrackets.com was born.


The architecture is based on the SPARK RAD (Rapid Application Development) platform which was developed by Data & Object Factory, LLC (www.dofactory.com). The SPARK platform comes as part of the .NET Design Pattern Framework.

The entire site was developed in less than 3 months. This was made possible by the SPARK Code Generator which is commercially available as part of the PRO .NET Design Pattern Framework.

Data access in Curlybrackets is simple, effective, and extremely fast. This was accomplished by combining SPARK with the techniques and patterns presented in the PRO SQL + Database Design Pattern Framework.

Curlybrackets Software Pack

If you'd like to create your own question and answer site or a discussion forum as part of your business, the C# source code for Curlybrackets is available for purchase.

Developing a site like Curlybrackets from scratch would take a very significant effort. The Curlybrackets Software Pack will save you time and money.

Please contact us if you are interested. We are currently working on some minor refactorings to ensure an easy to use code-base.