What is Curly brackets?
  • Curlybrackets is a question and answer site for C# Developers / Architects.
  • It is where users share questions, answers, articles, and code snippets.

What are Curly brackets { } ?
  • Curly brackets (the symbols) are used in programming to enclose one or more statements.
  • Many languages use them, including C, C++, C#, Java, Perl, PHP, Swift, Go, and JavaScript.

What is Reputation
  • Definition: The amount of trust and respect a person has as determined by the community.
  • Reputation is a number that expresses a user's .NET knowledge and contribution to the community.
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What are Privileges
  • Definition: A special right or advantage available only to certain people
  • Your privilege to access certain features increases as your reputation increases.
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What are Badges
  • Definition: An honor that is given in return for a perons's service to the community
  • You gain badges for being active and helpful.
  • Bonus reputation points are issued for each badge.
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What are Awards
  • Definition: Something of value that is given in return for a user's service or merit
  • Users who contribute significantly to Curlybrackets are awarded with free products from
  • Products include C#, VB, JavaScript, and SQL Design Pattern Frameworks -- both standard and PRO editions.
  • Recipients of awards are elevated to MVP status
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