Angular 2 is about to be released, so this is important for all Angular front end developers. Get up to speed with Angular 2 which is a radical change from the prior versions.
Here is a critique of Scrum as being the new Waterfall in the world of software development methodologies. Read it and see what you think. The article makes some valid points we think.
This question is not frequently asked, and yet it is critical as a C# developer that you know the answer. Particularly, with the ASP.NET Core release in which Dependency Injection (DI) plays a major role.
It is always fun to test your own skills and see where you stand. Most seasoned developers know the correct answers but it is not always easy to remember the least used features of the language.
JavaScript closures can be difficult to grasp initially. Here is an short and sweet article that will help you understand the concepts in no time.
Read about how Microsoft is walking a fine line between open source and commercial business success.
Why would Microsoft decide to rewrite ASP.NET from the bottom up? And how fast will we see a replacement of 'Classic' ASP.NET with the new ASP..NET Core?